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Operation No Food Gap is an initiative of E-RoadMap Corporation. We are working with communities for change... one city at a time in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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Growing Healthy Food, People & Communities 

With roots in the land, we create opportunities for people to learn, lead and thrive!

Non-gmo organic food

ONFG works to ensure all underserved communities of Palm Beach County, FL 

have access to fresh, healthy foods. 

E-RoadMap Corporation Fresh Market

E-RoadMap Fresh Markets are established in marginalized communities to eradicate food deserts with dignity.

Our Fresh Markets are fully operational and refrigerated to ensure freshness and quality of food. 

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E-RoadMap has partnered with Palm Beach School Board and JFK Middle School to establish the JFK Multipurpose Space.  

This space was created as a beautiful oasis to extend the curriculum outside.

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 ONFG utilizes our Mobile Pantry as a tool for providing access to nutritious foods in marginalized communities. 


The Mobile Pantry travels to communities in "food deserts" allowing residents the ability to expand their buying power of the SNAP/EBT/FAB

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ONFG provides delivery services to ensure we are addressing barriers that prohibit individuals from receiving nourishing foods. 


ONFG has partnered with The American Heart Association to apply a clinical and community-based approach using a Food Farmacy prescription model approach.


ONFG is the fulfillment agent used to support produce prescriptions as viable treatment plans.

Bringing Communities Together.

There's a space for everyone in the ONFG world.


Email us to learn more about collaborating with ONFG to change your community!

ONFG's community programs range from building small gardens at homes and restaurants, to partnering with local organizations and municipalities, to talent pipeline development, and engaging people in meaningful dialogue.


We believe that everyone is powerful regardless of current life circumstance, and that our work and community thrive by including diverse experiences, cultures, opinions, and beliefs.


Would you like to build gardens with your neighbors, learn more about cooking, canning or preserving, or even attend a training on ONFG's unique approach to addressing inequalities in food insecurities throughout Palm Beach County? We've got space for you in the ONFG world!

Inspiring Community Change

We empower our community to share our gifts with each other and grow together.

There are many ways to give back to your community with ONFG. Build deep relationships with people and the land, help to plant and grow healthy delicious food for you, your neighbors and those in need, help cultivate community leaders and -this is the good part- get your hands dirty!

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We are grateful for our amazing sponsors & partners...

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Middle School
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