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If you're interested in volunteering, take a look at the roles below for some ideas on how you can get involved. 

We have lots of opportunities for all kinds of schedules, skill sets, abilities and interests! There are also other volunteer events, projects, and positions available seasonally and as needs arise.

Some positions may be on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Download and complete a Volunteer Application and submit a level 1 or level 2 background check to

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Riviera Beach Urban Farm Project

Farm Volunteer: Help maintain the farm with interns, youth and other volunteers.

Garden Building Project

Workshop Instructor: Design and teach workshops about gardening and help gardeners get bountiful harvests. 

Garden Builder: Help build gardens for families and communities with limited incomes. 

Gardener Support Team: Love gardening? Join a team of volunteers to support new gardeners via phone, social media, and in-person.

ONFG Farms

Farm Volunteer: Help maintain the farm with interns, youth and other volunteers.

ONFG School

Guest Teacher: Knowledgeable in a articular field? Teach a class or host a workshop with the youth.

Guest Chef with the Youth Food Team: Teach and support the Youth Food Team (youth ages 16-21) in prepping a meal and snacks for their peers.

Mobile Food Pantry

Smoothie and Icee Detail: Make organic treats for the kiddos as we stroll through the community and host events. 

Youth Garden Kit Team: Assemble gardening kits and help us deliver them for FREE to underserved youth. 

Pop-Up Farmers Markets

Gleaning Crew: Join a team of volunteers who participate in gleaning opportunities to help increase food access. 

Logistics Team: Help facilitate pick up and drop off locations as well as set-up.

FarmShare Box Team: Pack and food boxes in preparation for Farmers Market dates. 


ONFG Resident Council: Work with other dedicated residents to govern direction of community led projects. 

ONFG Ambassador/Outreach: Enjoy talking about something you're passionate about? Become an Ambassador for ONFG and make connections while representing us in the community and at special events.

Internships and Volunteer Credit: Intensive seasonal opportunities, eligible for college credit and sometimes stipends. Student internships also available. 

Behind the Scenes Stewards

Office Support: Help ONFG with office tasks. Data entry, mini-projects, phone calls, etc. 

Art/Design: Parking signs, market stand signs, flyers- functional art. 

Cleaning: ONFG staff and volunteers all work together to care for our locations. Help keep our space clean and beautiful. 

Interpreter/Translation: Help make our resources available to community members who speak/read a variety of languages.

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